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February 7, 2009
"Ferrari Auction Charity Gala for 2008 China Global Philanthropy Forum"

Jet Li participates in the Ferrari Auction Charity Gala for 2008 China Global Philanthropy Forum. Read more details in Jet's blog(2009.2.7 : 20:00)
Jet Li addresses the Clinton Global Initiative Asia 2008. Read more details in Jet's blog(2009.2.6 : 17:44)
Jet Li's One Foundation was honored with the "China Charity" award and the One Foundation family jois with China Merchant Bank to launch the Affinity Credit Card. Read more details in Jet's blog(2008.12.15 : 20:00)
New photos and full production notes are up on our Mummy 3 - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" page. (2008.07.18 : 20:00)
New videos and photos are up on Jet's blog for his recent Forbidden Kingdom" press junket in Hong Kong. (2008.04.15 : 14:41)
We've reformatted and fixed our One Foundation Project page. Be sure to check out the newest "One Big Family" video featuring Jackie Chan and Chow Yun Fat! (8.06.2007 : 19:14)
Our Forbidden Kingdom page has been launched. News, information and media will be added as it becomes available. (7.24.2007 : 17:27)
A new version of Jet Li's biography has been posted up in life: biography(7.19.2007 : 12:44)
We have posted up the transcript of Jet's online chat from July 15, 2007 in our mind: articles section. (7.16.2007 : 15:11)
We recently added new videos from the recent 2007 China Men's Wushu Qualifiers Competition held in Wenzhou, China. You can view them in our body: media section. (6.08.2007 : 18:45)
In response to the earthquake in China's Yunnan province, the One Foundation has rushed 100,000 RMB to aid the victims of this natural disaster. Jet released a video blog explaining the situation. You can get more information in our One Foundation project page or on the website for the One Foundation, : 14:20)

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