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october 6, 2000

Hello Jet Li,

I am so happy and excited about your new film, Romeo Must Die. I am glad to see it. I have an interesting question. Do you sometimes feel bored or lonely? How do you handle it? What activities do you like aside from wushu? Thanks a lot and I will support you forever!

Anthony So

Jet's Response:

From a Buddhist point of view, I am hardly bored! The emotions all stem from the heart - and there are so many things I can do! I meditate. I watch movies - there is an endless amount of them to watch - and most importantly, I read. There is a famous Chinese saying that books contain all the joy of gold and money. You see, to be occupied, to keep oneself interested, one does not have to necessarily go after the big fish. One does not need to have company all the time - to be in big company, to be at clubs, at lively social events, to perform daring feats or even entertain the spotlight. The simple pleasures are sometimes the best. Create something that you are interested in, no matter how seemingly petty (for it cannot be unimportant if it interests your heart). I collect beads. I study their history, I buy books on them, I try to understand every detail, every mark and fact of what is known about them. There is not a minute when I have nothing to do!

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