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july 16, 2001

Hola Jet Li,

My name is Alba and I live in San Diego, CA. I seen a lot of your great movies and I love them. In fact, I have 6. And in all the movies I seen you played a strong person in all the matters. Me as a single mom with my 10 year old son I have to be strong for many things and there is time that I cannot do it anymore, it is very hard in all the ways. So my questions is are you really strong in real life? And how do you do it?

You fan in San Diego

Jet's Response:

The characters I play on screen are naturally quite physically and mentally strong. In real life, however, my personality is very soft. The strength in my mind is due mostly to my philosophy about life.

A lot of people gain vast amounts of knowledge from schooling and yet are still unable to apply that knowledge to their daily lives. I am fortunate in that I have been able to take what I've learned about martial arts and philosophy and apply it to all aspects of my life. Having become accustomed to this way of thinking it becomes easier to apply it to just about anything.

When I find myself going through my own emotional fluctuations, I turn to books on philosophy and Buddhism for wisdom to help me through them. I feel for you and your situation and the many other people who are in similar situations; however I believe the reality is that there are many people in a better situation and there are many people worse off. If you focus on those that are in a better situation it will only bring about unhappiness. And, paradoxically, if you focus on those worse off than you, it will not necessarily bring happiness either.

I believe it is the knowledge you acquire, especially the knowledge of philosophy or philosophies born of religious thought, that will help the most. Being able to apply these things you learn to your own life can be a source of great strength.

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