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october 13, 2001

Hello Jet,

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. (This is fun!:))

1) What is your philosophy regarding divorce, how it affects children and family, if you agree with it or not, and why?

2) You are a super expert at martial arts, but do you enjoy or like to watch and/or participate in sports such as basketball, tennis, swimming, racquet ball, golf, etc.?

3) How and why did you get started on your hobby of collecting beads, and do you collect any other items, or arts?

Mahalo for your answers. Namaste.

Jet's Response

In terms of divorce, my answer is probably too long for this session so it will have to wait for another time.

I play badminton, ping pong, volleyball (if there's enough people) and ride my bike.

I first encountered beads when I came into posession of Dzi beads and as I found our more about them I realized that they were made by Tibetans a thousand years ago and there is a limited quantity. Nobody knows how to make them anymore. So I became interested in their history.

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