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Rise to Honor (2004)

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Producer: Jim Wallace
Action Director: Cory Yuen
Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.
Distributor: Ingram Entertainment


Kit Yun (Jet Li) is an undercover cop posing as a bodyguard for the leader of a Hong Kong crime syndicate, Boss Chiang. When his boss is assassinated he must journey to the U.S. to find Chiang's daughter and untangle a web of deceit that leads him back to Hong Kong where he must confront his enemy.


February 12, 2004 ::
The Rise to Honor Launch event in San Francisco
(66 images)

May 15, 2003 ::
SCEA's 2003 E3 Press Conference Photographs
(32 images)

May 15, 2003 ::
Video of SCEA's 2003 E3 Press Conference for Rise to Honor
(1 clip)


May 14, 2003 :: SCEA's 2003 E3 Press Conference
Tuesday morning, May 13, 2003, was able to attend ...

August 14, 2002 :: Rise to Honor Announcement
Foster City Studio Unveils Rise to Honor , an Interactive Experience Inspired by the Hong Kong Action Movie Genre ...

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