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march 4, 2002

Hello Jet!

I don't want to steal you much time, I just want to ask one question: What is your statement to Aaliyah's death? I was/am a great fan of her, her music and films and I cried for a long time when I knew that she is dead. Did you mourn? Did you like her and how were the shootings of Romeo Must Die? Did you have fun with her?

I miss her very much and I want to know how do you feel about it. Thanks a lot!

Sen Luan
Bochum, Germany

Jet's Response:

When Aaliyah and I worked together on Romeo Must Die it was her first movie. She was charming, talented and acting came very naturally to her. We worked together for about four months and she had a great energy. She enjoyed the martial art sequences and due to her previous dancing ability was able to learn movements very quickly. Cory Yuen and I both agreed that with some training she could be a very good action star. We would talk to each other about different story ideas and hoped that we would be able to work again in the future. At that time it was our mutual desire to work together again. On the set she was nice to everyone, no matter who they were, and the whole crew loved her.

I was in China when I heard about her death. Sad? Shocked? Surprised? Words can not express the emotions. She had posessed an emormous amount of potential. I sat and prayed with two friends for over two hours in the hopes that she would find herself in a better place than she had left.

Of course, I was depressed for a little while afterwards, because even though it was over two years since we worked together, I can remember it as if it was just yesterday.

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