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The following is a list of questions asked to Jet through fanmail or chats, and Jet's answers to these questions.

Training Tips and Advice

  • What is the correct way to kick and punch? (1/31/02)
  • Can you recommend a wushu book? (1/11/02)
  • Is it possible to learn internal wushu before external wushu? (10/13/01)
  • Am I making excuses for not practicing? (12/5/01)
  • Do you have tips on concentration and meditation before a match? (7/9/01)
  • What are your thoughts on using meditation as an aid to martial arts training? (5/15/01)
  • Can a person who does not know Chinese understand the finer points of wushu? (10/14/99)
  • At what age should people start training? (4/7/99) (10/13/01)
  • How can a person pursue wushu training? (Body : Essays)
  • Where can I find websites on Wushu? (Body : Links)
  • Can you recommend a wushu school for me in my area? (Body : Links)

The Beijing Wushu Team

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  • Why did you learn so many styles when you were on the team and who decided which styles you would learn? (7/30/02)
  • What is your relationship with former Beijing Wushu Team members? (2/29/00) (10/13/01)
  • Do your former team-mates also work in the film industry? (11/18/99)
  • Have you ever thought what your life would be like if you hadn't trained in wushu? (3/23/99)
  • Were you ever beaten as a student? (5/5/99)
  • Is it true that as a teen you were able to defeat 20 and 30 year olds in competition? (10/13/01)
  • Where can I find websites of other Beijing Wushu Team members? (Body : Links)
  • What is the difference between Chinese wushu athletes of your generation and those today? (Body : Essays)
  • How did you come to train in wushu? (Life : Essays)
  • What was it like growing up on the Beijing Wushu Team? (Life : Essays) (Life : Essays) (Life : Essays)

Jet's Experiences

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  • Why did you learn so many styles when you were on the team and who decided which styles you would learn? (7/30/02)
  • Do your old injuries still affect you? (04/08/02)
  • Have you ever had a fight in real life? (10/20/00)
  • Have you ever been in a situation where you find yourself in a training slump and really depressed? (7/2/01)
  • What is the most important lesson you have ever learned? (9/8/00)
  • How did you overcome training hardships? (2/10/00)
  • How do you face issues with injuries from training? (1/10/00)
  • What is your current involvement with the Wushu Community? (3/23/99)
  • Where did you learn Lion Dancing? (3/7/99)
  • Have you ever been timed for your hand speed? (10/13/01)
  • Can you breakdance? (10/13/01)
  • Do you focus your training on choreography or realistic combat? (10/13/01)
  • How does your fighting style differ from Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen? (10/13/01)
  • Do you enjoy other sports besides martial arts? (10/13/01)
  • Will you or have you taught your children wushu? (10/13/01)
  • How much did you know about the Shaolin Temple before you started making those movies? (7/15/99)


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  • What is the difference between Wushu and Kung Fu? (2007.07.15)
  • What was your favorite style as a child? (7/30/02)
  • Do you ever get the urge or desire to compete in wushu? (5/13/02)
  • Do you feel that Chinese martial arts are better than Japanese martial arts? (4/22/02)
  • Is it true that you can punch 10 times in one second? (4/22/02)
  • People are taking advantage of the fact that I won't fight back with martial arts and are beating me up. What should I do? (3/25/02)
  • What is your feeling about Jeet Kune Do? (3/11/02)
  • What is your feelings about other martial art styles besides wushu? (3/11/02)
  • What are your feelings on women in martial arts? (12/27/00)
  • What is the right reason for studying martial arts? (5/4/00)
  • What is the relationship between a teacher and student? (11/2/99)
  • Do you think you will pass on your wushu knowledge and teach wushu one day? (5/26/99)
  • What is the philosophy of wushu? How does it differ from other Chinese martial arts? (10/13/01)
  • What is your opinion on the state of martial arts? (Body : Essays)

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