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july 15, 2007: 14:41

I remember you saying once that as soon as you're done with a film, you immediately forget the role you played, and start concentrating on the next one. Putting the bigger-than-life good guy to rest, and getting into the mode of an evil assassin would be very difficult for some of us. So my question is, after spending so much time perfecting the persona of a character, is it really easy to seperate from it and never look back, and do you have any tips for doing this?


Jet's Response

Actually, even though I talk about this in regards to a role, everyone has this experience. Think about it -- we all work a lot and sometimes we work long hours. So we take a vacation. So you will take a break to rest. So we all share this in common. Of course, if you have meditation training, this maybe made easier to relax your mind. But that is why for all of us we have vacation. So we can take time off to relax and recover.

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