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july 15, 2007: 15:24

Today, our nation of China (I am Chinese), I believe, is in a very weak time and that the only way for it to strengthen is if we as the Chinese people step up to be united as one and hold our beliefs as close as we can. I was wanting to know, in your view, what the next step is to take for China as well as its people to be more united as well to strengthen our nation?


Jet's Response

This is just one point of view of China currently. It depends what you are referring to when you say China is weak; it depends on what viewpoint you take. Some news portrays China as being in a very strong time.

My idea in starting the One Foundation was that we shouldn't compare ourselves to others. The idea is that each individual should be strong. We can improve ourselves at every moment. That way we do not have to worry about how others perceive us. But we all work to be one united family and to care about each other and everyone in this world.

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