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jet answers questions

Recently Jet has been asked several questions about Unleashed, his upcoming projects, the ONE Foundation and his life in general. He recently took some time out to answer some of them and share his views on these issues. Click on the links below to read the answers to each question.

Concerning Unleashed

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  • Why did you choose to make [Unleashed / Danny the Dog]? (04/04/05)
  • What is your motivation for playing a character like Danny? (04/04/05)
  • I read that some critics thought [Unleashed / Danny the Dog] was too violent, how to you respond to this? (04/04/05)
  • Some American critics have said [Unleashed / Danny the Dog] is your best performance in your career. Are you happy to hear this? What do you think? (04/04/05)
  • I've recently saw the American poster for Unleashed. My friends think this poster insults you because you always play the hero and now you are shown as a dog. What do you think? (04/04/05)
  • Jet, I read on the internet that the American poster for Unleashed caused a lot of problems in Asia, some people think it is insulting towards Asians and Chinese people. What do you think? (04/04/05)
  • I heard because of this poster, [Unleashed / Danny the Dog] has been censored in China. Do you think it will have a chance to be shown? (04/04/05)

Concerning the Untitled Ronny Yu Project

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  • Jet! What are you doing nowadays? I read on the internet that you are shooting a movie with Ronny Yu? If this is true, when is it shooting? I am very excited. (04/04/05)
  • Can you tell me more about your [upcoming Ronny Yu project]? What is it about? When can I see it? (04/04/05)

Concerning the ONE Foundation

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  • I was happy to hear you were not seriously hurt in the Tsunami. I am glad you to see you plan to do something to help people with your foundation. Recently there was another large Earthquake in the same area. Have you heard about this? How do you feel? (04/04/05)

Concerning Jet's Residence

  • We heard you have moved back to shanghai to build a new house. Where do you live now? (04/04/05)

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